Q: Is there a minimum order for Wash, Dry & Fold services?
A: Yes, we do charge a 12 lb. minimum. No problem if you have less weight, but we do charge the minimum for your order

Q: What should I place my laundry in when dropping it off at your store?
A: We recommend a washable laundry bag, as we can wash and dry that with your order, but any container is acceptable. We sell Spin Cycle laundry bags at our store for your convenience.

Q: How do I know how much I will pay?
A: Your clothes are weighed in when we accept your order, so there are no surprises.

Q: How do I pay?
A: We accept cash, debit and major credit cards. You pay at the time of your initial order. Many customers choose to store their card information in our system

Q: How are my clothes packaged?
A: We try to keep women’s, men’s and children’s clothes separated the best we can. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to put your clothes back into your drawers at your home. The clothes are sealed in our recyclable wash, dry & fold plastic bags with a carry out handle for your convenience

Q: What type of products do you use?
A: We use Arm & Hammer detergent, but we can also use All Free & Clear (hypoallergenic detergent) if requested. If you prefer your own specific detergent, dryer sheets and/or bleach, we are happy to use those as well. We can label (and store) your supplies, or we can return them with your order. We also sell laundry products (Tide, Gain etc.) if you prefer to purchase them at our store

Q: Are my clothes mixed with other customers clothes?
A: NEVER! Your clothes are always washed and dried separately in their own machine(s). Our attendants monitor your order every step of the way from washing, drying and folding

Q: What is the standard turnaround time?
A: We typically charge for 2-day service and turnaround the majority of orders within 1 day. We strive to over deliver on our promises. You can also select to pay for same day, or 1 day service and be guaranteed to receive your order back or your money is refunded

Q: How will I know when my order is completed?
A: You will receive a text message as soon as your order is entered into our system, and a second text when the order is ready for pick-up. We can also correspond via email or phone call if you prefer

Q: Are you able to wash bulky items such as comforters or blankets?
A: Yes, as long as the care instructions on the item state that they are machine washable and can be dried. There are additional charges for bulk items

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